My First Blog!

Today I launch my blog!

It’s 5th September 2017 which is a special date for me and I’m also in a significant place; Madeira.

It’s my Dad’s 92nd Birthday (although I no longer have him to share it with) and I know he’d like where I am but that’s for another post.  Suffice to say it’s a special place for us both.

There are no whistles and bells, no fancy social media drum roll.  I will just gently press the launch button and if you care to join me you can share my interest in a whole host of topics.  There will be a lot about lifestyle, things I’ve learnt, useful hints and tips I pick up.  Travel will most definitely be ‘up there’.  Not just places I’ve travelled to but I will be taking full advantage of where others go too and stealing ideas for sure.  Not always far flung places but day trips and long weekends too, especially if there’s a bargain to be had or something a little bit quirky.

A bit about health and fitness, nothing too strenuous, just enough to keep you in shape but not enough to scare you.  Yoga is in for sure.  But I’ll also share some of the ways I’m dealing with my long-term condition (migraine) and emerging ideas around self-care.

Cake will feature in several formats; eating it, baking it, photographing it.  And talking about photography I will be sharing some of my shots with you (the good, the bad, the disastrous) as I continue to learn.

Fashion is something I enjoy a lot along with interior design and I daresay some culture will creep in.  Books, books, books.  Film, art, music but don’t expect me to be spending much – savvy shopping all the way.

What there won’t be is much about sport, beetroot or snakes or anything to do with enclosed spaces – although my big challenge is to conquer my claustrophobia so I can wear a snorkel mask – any tips gratefully received.

I promise to steer away from politics and religion but I will be going full steam ahead on women’s issues.

I’m entering a really exciting time in my life with lots of things being planned.  I’m having a major re-assessment, downsizing is on the agenda and has in fact begun (take a look at my eBay sales) and life-planning is underway.  I think that the mere act of putting pen to paper means that it is now really starting to happen.

I’ve taught myself how to use WordPress and as you can see from this site, I’m a total novice.  But listen, this is a hobby not a job.  If you like what you read, great.  I’m not here to get a following but I would like to develop my writing and I hope to connect with lots of people along the way.  I don’t have a specific niche but if I can educate, engage or inspire along the way then I’ll be very happy.

I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  So today seems as good a time as any to start.  It’s a bit nerve racking.  But here goes………………


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