8 Fashion Trends for AW17

Every new season, in fact usually ahead of the season, we’re told about the new fashion trends and how to get hold of these ‘must have’ items. I don’t know about you but I’m always baffled about who decides that wearing purple and yellow is ‘on trend’ or that ripped skinnys have now been replaced with high waist flares and only in indigo denim.
But like most other women I want to fashion savvy so I go along with it – well some of it at least. I find myself combing through magazines and just people watching in general to see what’s new. But in truth I don’t succumb to it all.
Over the years I’ve learnt what suits me and my shape; colours, necklines, fabrics and fit. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of faux pas along the way (the infamous black lace rah rah skirt a la Madonna springs immediately to mind).
And so in writing this blog I wanted to share with you my own approach to editing my wardrobe together with some of the trends you’ll be seeing for Autumn and Winter 2017 – it’s actually not too scary this season and I’m personally very happy with what I’m seeing on the rails. Hope there’s something to make you happy too. We’ll start with some colour.
1. The colour is red, red and more red. There’s nothing new here and we see red pop up most years along with burgundy and mustard (not much of the latter two this time). Try mixing different shades of red and teaming it up with black, navy or denim. Work one colour from head to toe to look expensive. And be extra brave by clashing two colours. Red and orange?
2. Textures – the cuddling up season is all about textures and nowhere more than in the gilet, the old favourite remains and this season you’ll be looking for long-line (which will lengthen your middle), shearling and mainly winter white but any neutral colour will look good. Wear it over your leather jacket for the wow factor combing two textures. L K Bennet is a good place to start.
3. High shine – by which I mean leather, pvc, faux leather – in coats, boots, bags, skirts and trousers. I have to say I can’t remember a time when I didn’t own a leather skirt, patent shoes and boots and leather trousers. So, if you don’t, then I’d definitely suggest this is a good investment as it just seems to always be there. You’ll never go wrong with M&S leather in terms of quality.
4. Accessories – if you’re wearing a gold clasped bag then wear your gold watch – clashing metals is a no no and it really is all in the detail. This season’s standout accessory is the chic neck scarf – but as well as the neck you can try it out around the waist or tied around your bag to shift focus. Bold patterns and tied at the side of the neck a la Audrey Hepburn looks immense. Love them or hate them pearls are back – earrings, necklaces, bangles, sewn on your jeans and all the high streets have them if you don’t already own any. But ladies, with modesty – we don’t want to see any Pearly Queens out there.
5. Handbags are small! I know, I hate it too when that happens. I mean where do you put all your stuff? Nevertheless, it really is about lady-like and structured and shape wise you’ll be searching out the round or semi-circle. Massimo Dutti have some rather lovely leather examples this year and my self-gift has now been purchased. Zara even have one with pearls so you’ll be doubly on trend and don’t forget Mango.
6. Boots – hurrah said I when I read that the 1980s knee length, ankle slouch, block heel is back. I just know there’s a pair I kept safe in the loft. Tan seems to be the colour of choice and teamed up with a pleated skirt which is hanging in there by the skin of its teeth. If ankle boots are your preference then make them as pointy as you can humanly suffer!
7. Florals – not my favourite I have to say but you can’t please everyone. But this season it’s about dark romance so they get toughened up and teamed with dark denim and high-shine leather look pieces. Floral dress with biker jacket? See what I mean? Try Matalan if you just want to wear it for one season to try it out.
8. Tweed Jackets – trouser suits are in and top fashionistas will be wearing hounds tooth and Prince of Wales check. Fitted and long-line for individual jackets and there are some fabulous ones at Joe Brown’s this season as well as the obvious places such as Joules and Jack Willis. For a bit of savvy shopping and tremendous quality try Edinburgh Woollen Mill, I kid you not. Teamed up with a fine knit and back in those leather pants, you’ll be turning heads for sure?
This should give you a kick start into the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness. But before you go out shopping or head for the online high street take a look at what you already have and how you could adapt it. There’s bound to be a few pieces you’ve forgotten about. And my tip for trying out something you’re not sure of is to head for the cheaper end of the market just to give it a whirl. Nothing ventured nothing gained etc. Happy trending everyone.